We got the nicest notes from our scholarship winners this week. Here’s what they said!

Dear Club of Collin County,

I am so honored and humbled to be one of your scholarship recipients this year. Your generosity has really eased the financial burden on my family and has made my dream of going to OU a reality. My college experience would not be the same without your decision to invest in me and my future.

My experience has been so rewarding at OU. I’m entering my junior year as an Industrial and Systems Engineering Student and the fact that I have alumni back home cheering me on gives me confidence to tackle my classes everyday!

Thanks again and BOOMER SOONER!

Alexis Savastano

Dear OU Club of Collin County

Thank you so much for my scholarship! It means so much to my family and I that you all would give me $3,000 for my college funds! This scholarship helped my family out so much and we are so grateful for your kindness@ I am so blessed to be a part of OU Club of Collin County and so are my parents! I am so happy to be attending the best university ever and I hope to make y’all very proud! Thank y’all so much again for my scholarship!


Meghan Springer

Dear OU Club of Collin County,

Thank you so much for the incredible honor of being named as a recipient of one of your scholarships for yet another year. As I have progressed through my OU journey and now stand at the start of my senior year, I cannot begin to express what it means to me to have had such a supportive and encouraging group of Sooners standing behind me each and every step of the way. Thank you for believing in me, investing in my futures and for making my OU experience possible – it has been an absolute dream, and is all thanks to you all!

Boomer Sooner!

Katie Primrose