Madison Quiroga
Major: Biomedical Engineering and Spanish
Year: Freshman

As the Wylie High School student body president, Madison often has to rally students to work together towards a common goal. In fact, she was tasked with choreographing her school’s musical as a junior. Each dance was crafted in such a way that the students could perform it with ease. She hopes to use her leadership and creativity to design necessary, cost-effective medical equipment for use in countries with fewer medical advancements and opportunities. As a proud Hispanic woman, she wants to be an example to other women and persons of color in the STEM field.


Emily Turner
Major: Pre-Nursing
Year: Freshman

Emily is a senior lieutenant of the McKinney Boyd Bailadoras dance team and she’s already a certified nursing assistant (CAN) and emergency medical technician (EMT). She hopes to further her education as she works to become a nurse. As a natural leader, she plans to participate on medical mission trips and later open a health clinic in Zambia, Africa.


Elizabeth Joyce
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Year: Freshman

As a child, Elizabeth spent much of her time building rudimentary machines and taking things apart. She was also often found fiddling with levers, pulleys, fulcrums and other simple machines. She plans to go to OU to study biomedical engineering and to hopefully work in prosthetics. As President of the Math Honor Society and a leader of Destination Imagination, creative engineering is in her blood. She is also graduating at the captain of the Allen High School volleyball team.