Katie Primrose
Major: Health and Exercise Science/Pre-Occupational Therapy
Year: Senior

Katie is receiving our scholarship for a third year. As a senior she is beginning to plan for her post-graduate life. After graduation, she wants to attend Occupational Therapy school, earn her license and find a job working in either an elementary school or an out-patient rehab clinic to work with patients in a pursuit of living a life free of physical limitation.

She says, “I have always been incredibly awed at the power and heart of the Sooner Family – whether at six years old or 21 years old wandering around the North Oval. As I take on the role of serving as Chair of OU’s Homecoming Reunion Week, I stand everyday more grateful for the university that I get to call home, and the people that have made it so special. The character and compassion of the alumni that I work with each day as well as the alumni that I get to interact with back home through the OU Club of Collin County make me so proud to call myself a Sooner.”

She says that our scholarship has given her the greatest feeling of support and confidence. She feels empowered that we have chosen her three years in a row and continue to choose to support her and her pursuits at OU.

Happy to do so, Katie.

Alexis Savastano
Major: Industrial and Systems Engineering
Year: Junior

Alexis is a junior at OU studying Industrial and Systems Engineering. She is receiving our scholarship for a second year. This summer she hopes to earn an internship that will be a building block for her future career as an engineer. She says that her engineering degree with open doors to a variety of industries and she is excited to see what her future holds.

She says, “I am truly honored that the OU Club has chosen to support me for a second year. Your support is truly inspiring to continue to strive for excellence in my academics, to get involved and give back to the Sooner community, and to make the most out of my time here at the University of Oklahoma. Boomer Sooner!”

Lindsey Oakes
Major: Pre-Nursing
Year: Freshman

Lindsey will be a Freshman at OU this fall. She plans to study and earn her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She would like to work as a nurse as part of missionary outreach in third world countries. When she returns to the states, she wants to return to school to specialize in an additional field of medicine.

Lindsey says that the hard work preparing for college – including classes, essays, interviews, deadlines – has made her a better student overall. She thinks that these skills will certainly carry over to school and work as she sets out to make both a local and global impact.

She says, “Knowing that there were many deserving applicants, I am absolutely honored to be chosen as a recipient of one of the scholarships and am beyond excited to be a part of the Sooner family! I have been looking forward to this for many years and am overjoyed that I can be involved in such an amazing community of students and faculty!”

Meghan Springer
Major: Health and Exercise Science
Year: Freshman

Meghan will start OU this year as a freshman. She hopes to earn her degree and become a pediatric physician’s assistant. She says that “going to college is not a cheap chapter in your life and scholarships help so much. I am so incredibly blessed to have received this scholarship and I want to thank OU Club of Collin County so much for selecting me as a recipient.”