Jessica McConahey
Major: Biochemistry and Psychology (PreMed)
Year: Junior

Jessica is a three-time recipient of the OU Club Scholarship! She continues to push forward as a Biochemistry and Psychology (PreMed) major and currently has a perfect 4.0! She has wanted to be a surgeon since she was three and has grown up with a love for psychology and understanding the human mind. She hopes to blend these these two passions and become a neurosurgeon! She says, “I know that I would not have made it to where I am today without the amazing people at the OU Club. Not only does this scholarship give me peace of mind and make it easier to focus on school, the knowledge that you all believe in me and continue to support me year after year helps me make it through tough times like finals week!” Seems like you’ve got everything under control, Jessica!

Katie Primrose
Major: Health and Exercise Science/Pre-Occupational Therapy
Year: Junior

This is Katie’s second time winning an OU Club Scholarship. She continues to study Health & Exercise Science and Pre-Occupational Therapy with the hopes to one day work in an elementary school or outpatient clinic – ultimately helping improve people’s quality of life. She says, “Whether it’s been walking through the levels of the Roman colosseum, strolling across the Golden Gate bridge, or championing the stadium lines in Norman itself – my Sooner journey has been unlike anything I ever could have dreamed of, and I cannot wait to see what else lies in store!” We can’t either, Katie!

Alexis Savastano
Major: Industrial and Systems Engineering
Year: Sophomore

Alexis will be a sophomore at OU this fall and is majoring in industrial and systems engineering and minoring in computer science. She chose to study this because it allows her to be flexible, work in a variety of disciplines and exploit her passion for mathematics and computer science. As a freshman, she developed a program called Swipe to Share where students could donate their meal plan money to help stock the OU Food Pantry and help the Norman community. Last year, Swipe to Share raised more than $20,000. She says, “I cannot thank the OU Club enough for supporting my educational pursuits at OU, the school we all love so dearly! I’ve absolutely loved my freshman year and I can’t wait to what else OU has in store for me!” Neither can we, Alexis!

Eden Bohanon
Major: Entrepreneurship
Year: Freshman

Eden will be a freshman at OU this fall and will major in Entrepreneurship. She dreams of starting her own successful company where she will sell her product to thousands of clients and revolutionize the industry. Like many freshmen, she is looking forward to starting OU and making unforgettable memories. She says, “I have worked very hard during high school and been involved in many activities in the hopes that my efforts would help me receive scholarships to pay for college. Thank you to everyone who has made this scholarship a possibility for me and other students.” You’re welcome, Eden. Now go make us proud!

Sophia Tomotaki
Major: Marketing
Year: Freshman

Sophia will be a freshman at OU this fall. She plans on studying marketing with a minor in international business. She hopes to return to Dallas both as an intern and after graduation to work in marketing that benefits the community. She says, “While I tried my best to keep an open mind towards other schools, deep down, I always knew OU is where I am meant to be. Again, I am so thankful for the generous contribution the OU Club has made to help my childhood dream become my reality.” We knew you were meant to be here too.