Mandy Bailey

Major: Meteorology
Year: Senior

We’re proud to award Mandy an unprecedented fourth scholarship! This summer, you may see her on NBC Channel 5 in Ft. Worth where she will be interning. She will graduate in May of 2016 with a degree in meteorology and minors in math and broadcast meteorology and will pursue a job in broadcast meteorology.

She tells us that by earning our scholarship four years in a row, “has definitely helped alleviate [the] burden [of out-of-state tuition]. Being so incredibly busy with meteorology, I don’t have time for a job during the school year, so these scholarships have provided in such a needed way!

You guys are seriously such a blessing!! THANK YOU for believing in me my senior year of high school and choosing to support me these years. It means more than words can express that you’ve chosen to continually invest in my future, and I look forward to becoming the best meteorologist I can be. When I have a job some day, feel free to drop by whichever station anytime and say hi! (Or if you’re in Norman anytime soon, come say hi!!)”

Daniel Brobston

Major: Ballet Performance
Year: Sophomore

We are pleased to award Daniel a scholarship for a second year. He says, that our scholarship is “helpful for my family’s current financial situation. Without the scholarship money that I have graciously received, it would be extremely difficult for me to continue to attend college. Every year that I am in the School of Dance at OU is very valuable to me, because I have learned many things in this first year alone that are very important to know for a professional career one day. If I was not at OU, I either would not learn these things at all, or I would have to learn it the hard way in a company.” He hopes to one day be a professional ballet dancer in a major company.


Carson Grane

Major: Broadcasting with a minor in Sports Management
Year: Freshman

Congratulations to Carson on this award.

Carson plans on pursuing a career in sports broadcasting. While attending OU, he will work at SoonerVision with opportunities in the School of Journalism. He says that through his experiences at SoonerVision and in the Journalism school, he , “will be able to grow not only [his] technical abilities but [his] computer software skills as well, which will lead to enhanced computer technology.” After graduation, he hopes to work for ESPN or other major sports broadcasting networks in both video editing and sports management.

Jessica McConahey

Major: Pre-med
Year: Freshman

She says that this scholarship has “made my future possible. I cannot thank the OU Club of Collin County enough for believing in me and giving me this chance to help people!” She hopes to one day become an ER Trauma surgeon.

Brandon Witte

Major: Criminology with a minor in Military Science
Year: Freshman

Congratulations to this fifth-generation Sooner, on this award. (His great-great-grandfather, Eber Hester, is listed in the first class of OU students in 1892.) He says that, “words can hardly convey how much [he] appreciates this scholarship” as this will help him pursue his college dream and focus his attention on academics and his ROTC service. Brandon plans on studying criminology and participating in Army ROCT while at OU. After graduation, he hopes to become an Army Ranger and after active duty would like to work for state or local law enforcement.